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Units API



Parameters in the url should all be encoded and all data sent should be UTF-8

MAX number of requests per minute is set to 200.
When the limit is hit an error with code 429 is returned, with the header "Retry-After" containing the number of seconds you have to wait for your next request.


There are 2 ways to be authenticated when using this API. in both ways you add headers to the request.
1) Use an API-key together with store-id. This would be used when communicating machine to machine and no real person is involved. The API-key is available from where you activated the API. The store-id is also available in the same place.
2) Use a user_id and user_token together with a store-id. You get these values from the login-request. The values are connected to a person and are gained when an actual login to the system has been made.
store: <<STORE>>
user_id: <<USER_ID>>
user_token: <<USER_TOKEN>>
api_key: <<API_KEY>>
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json


Code Description
900001 Credentials don't match
900101 Common error
900429 Too many requests
901801 Error when getting unit
901802 Error when creating unit
  "errorCode" : 900101,
  "errorMessage" : "Something went wrong on the server",
  "errorField" : null,
  "errorData" : null

Units API:


Get units

Accept: application/json or application/xml
Get a list of units for articles

Valid parameters:

Parameter Description Default value Allowed values
since 0

Successfull response:

{ "units": [{ "name": "name", "externalId": "externalId", "id": 7701 }], "since": 1303 }



Field Type Description Default Mandatory Accepted values Example values Access
id Long R,W
externalId String R
name String Name of unit R,W


Field Type Description Default Mandatory Accepted values Example values Access
since long R
units List R